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Marlo Kimmel Pet Communcator Clearwater Florida 33755

"Training is more than just sit and stay.  It's also learning about dog behavior and the canine-human relationship.  Once the owner has been initiated into this way of thinking, we are ready to train the dog.  First, you must get a sense of the dog's temperament.  Dogs, like people, have their own personalities and need to be treated individually.  A brash, tough dog must be trained much differently than a shy, timid dog. " ~  Shelby Marlo New Art of Dog Training"  

I hope you will enjoy my blog I've written below about my own personal family: my dogs, Gracie and Kelly, my cat, Tutu, and my bird, Albert.  These are my musings about them. For those of you who have written emails to any of them - they work for food!!!



Kelly is buzzzing like a bee!


Kelly’s Story

Kelly is my dog! I love him dearly and find him to be the best companion I’ve ever had. It wasn’t always that way. Kelly came to me through my dog, Gracie. When Mollee died, my beautiful Walker Hound Gracie “told” me she missed having someone like herself to play with. Off to the humane society we went and Gracie fell totally in love with him. They have been best friends ever since. 

It took me a bit longer because Kelly had issues!!! He was afraid of suitcases and briefcases – especially black ones. He was afraid of anything you had in your hands; once my cell phone sent him into the back yard for an hour! I’d never seen that before. Kelly had come from a great home and was super healthy when I got him. I was told he’d always been that way. A water bottle could send him into hiding and "crying like a girl.Kelly is a big 55 pound lab mix. Not pretty to see him like that.

Since I train dogs and have a fantastic ability as a healer and communicator with them, I thought, “OK, is this a trick of the universe that I’d get a dog like this?” Well of course, it was just time for another STORY in my life. My clients know me best as I always have some story to tell them to help them with their pets. Kelly is my personal unfolding story.

To start, I trained Kelly to “smell” whatever he was afraid of.  I started small with a book. He was terrified one night when I brought the book close to him and he suddenly noticed it was a “big cell phone” or something. I am big believer in just talking to your dog or cat or horse. I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s silly or anything. Just talk out loud to them. So I told Kelly“I want you to smell anything you are afraid of,” and we began. That was 3 years ago, and he’s always smelling something! He now does it on his own. 

Recently for fun, I taught Kelly to buzz like a bee. That’s right, to “buzz like a bee.” I used to play this game with him where I’d take my finger and act like a bee and pretend to hold it over him, keeping him wondering  when or if the “bee” would get him. Now, come on, I know you have done the same thing with your pets before, admit it. Well, anyway, I finally felt quite guilty about putting him through such torture that I felt I’d turn the game around a bit. So, I taught him to buzz like a bee. 

I just say to him, “OK Kelly, buzz like a bee,” and he does!!! What is soooooo funny about it is that every time I get Kelly to do this game with me in front of a friend, each friend has the same reaction. They get very emotional with tears in their eyes and everything and have the most unusual expression on their faces. I still can’t quite make it out but it’s almost like astonishment that Kelly can actually do it. Each person jumps up and runs over to him and hugs him and we all laugh and laugh and laugh. Maybe we will end up on Oprah or something one day, if I can add some more “sounds.”

I almost ruined this to the point that there would have been NO bee story to tell. I had friends over and HAD to show off Kelly to them. I got Kelly to “buzz like a bee” three times! My friends were rolling on the floor laughing and in tears by the end. Well, Kelly didn’t like it too much because he was used to getting his favorite treats when he did something so spectacular. I was so caught up in showing him off, I forgot he had feelings too and worked for his favorite treats. So, he went on strike for about three weeks. It was pathetic. I tried daily to get him to buzz like a bee for me and noooooooooooo. Cardinal rule - treats after every trick, especially one like that! Finally, he felt sorry for me and started to do it again, and I always make sure he gets his favorite healthy treats. 

Well, this would not be much of a story if I didn’t tell the “end of the story.” Last week, I discovered a big plant in my back yard loaded with “bees” getting nectar out of the flowers. I had walked by it several times while doing my laundry in the garage. I was so glad I’d not been stung. I stepped a safe distance away to get a really good look at how many bees there were – wowowowow, there were a lot. I had my attention on one in particular; it was amazing how industrious it was with that flower. 

Suddenly, I became aware that
Kelly was by me and I looked at him. I could sense he was a bit afraid, and then Kelly, on his own, smelled the bee!!! I held my breath, fearing that any movement would cause the bee to sting him. The most amazing thing occurred. The bee sort of “shrugged” his shoulders. Now, I know they really don’t have shoulders, but I swear it looked like the bee shrugged his shoulders at Kelly and basically told him to bzzzzzzzzz off! Kelly moved back, and off into the house we went. I wondered what I would have done if Kelly had been stung by the bee. I'm so glad we didn't have to find out.

Has anyone out there had to handle a bee sting on their dog? Would love to hear from you on how you handled it.

9:10 pm 

Sky Dog
 Marlo Kimmel Pet Communcator Clearwater Florida 33755

I was thinking about how special dogs are and then someone sent me this photo. I learned this dog often goes to this location and just looks out over the mountains. Makes you wonder - what is he thinking and is he enjoying himself. How often do we take the time to just look around at our surroundings. This is a beautiful site. I'm grateful to the person who caught this dog in this lovely dramatic setting.

3:38 pm 

Tutu!!! A Princess arrives!
Well, as you all know, I have 2 dogs, Kelly and Gracie, 1 bird Albert and 1 cat Roy Rogers. I had a truly special cat named Missy. I used to race home just so I could pick her up and get one of her hugs. She could give the best hugs of any pet I've ever owned. Missy was killed accidentally and, even with all my pets, I was heartbroken. I could barely function for a short time; my grief was heavy. She was the best cat I'd ever owned. Well, I decided I should try and fall back in love again. That's what we do when we decide to have another pet "own" us. We fall back in love, saying things like, "I said I'd never have another...I never thought I'd much as...." I know you've probably heard these many times.

Well, I went onto the Pinellas SPCA website to view the pictures of all the adoptable cats. Each day I'd check - trying so hard not to think of Missy. Each day I'd have a new group to "dis." NOT MY MISSY!!! Then, one day, there she was "Miss Ice Tea" as she was known by her once forever family. I kept checking on her and after two weeks she was still there "Miss Ice Tea."

I grabbed my sister Phyllis and said, "Let's go meet 'Miss Ice Tea.'" Wow, she was a looker. She was so big she looked like she was wearing a "tutu" like you dance in. Her body was bulbous and round like the Kiblan cat of years ago. She had the cutest tiny feet. My sister and I laughed so hard when we saw her in person. THEN we found out why she was called "Miss Ice Tea," She flattened her ears and swatted us both a good one. She intended to knock us to the ground, I could tell. Good thing she had NO claws. Lucky for us. When she flattens her ears she looks like a world war II plane ready to dive!!!

I tried and tried but could not figure out a name for her until I remembered about the TUTU I felt she looked like she was wearing. It didn't really fit her nature; she is a wild and violent kitty. She tolerates no nonsense from the dogs. If they start play fighting, she lets them know that she doesn't like it by running into the middle of them and "slapping" the heck out of Gracie and Kelly. Two days ago, she had poor Kelly, a 55 pound Sheppard, cornered after he accidentally stepped on her tail. I heard him whining. She was actually staring at him with one paw raised to slap him. She's got them under her paw. 

Tutu fit her body so well. One day I told her, "What do you think?" She looked at me and I swear she said it was fine with her. She is nothing at all like my missy. Hugs!!!  Good gawd, that is for sissies, she let me know. Kisses, ploooey - she spits and shakes her head if you give her any.  She will let you rub her body and her face endlessly, without any complaints but none of the "Missy" stuff. Funny, I don't care...I'm in love again....

2:45 pm 

Kelly is my dog Gracie's dog. When Mollee died, Gracie really wanted another playmate. We decided what she wanted, and a trip to the Humane Society produced Kelly. 

At first I didn't like Kelly that much. Gracie loved him at first sight. He wasn't enough like Mollee. I was still in too much grief over losing my best friend of 16 years. Each evening when I'd go to bed, Kelly would be at one end of the bed and Gracie at the other. I'd tell Kelly that I was going to return him to the Humane Society and apologize profusely to him about it. He'd always look at me with such understanding. 

Suddenly, one month had gone by and there he was STILL at the end of my bed. Where had all the time gone by? Then, that next morning, I woke up and got my "Kelly Cuddle" where he threw his lab-mix body over mine to wake me up and I knew without a doubt that "Kelly was my dog too!

12:56 pm 

Looking up at the Stars

My beloved Mollee did something before she died that stayed with me to this day. One evening as she was beginning her journey to leave her earthly life I discovered her outside. I looked at her from the window. She didn't know I was watching. She was very intently looking up at the night sky. She did this for quite some time.

I didn't even realize until then that she or any dog for that matter could focus on one area like that for a length of time. I watched her for a good 5 minutes, and decided that it was too private and really her time. What was she looking at?

In my next blog I will talk about an answer. It came from another very special dog named "Strongheart." He was the first dog movie star from the 20s. In his story, I found my own answer.

10:51 am

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Mollie and I welcome you to our website.

Mollie is my wonderful Walker Hound dog, saved from the Georgia floods. She has given me 16 years of joy and happiness. She has also been a fantastic teacher for me. I learned that a dog can learn new tricks at any age. Mollie was 15 when she learned to "crawl." She enjoyed learning her "back from death routine."

She would play dead and then I'd pretend to resuscitate her and after the 3rd chest compression she'd spring back to life! She loved performing for "cookies," and would not work for anything BUT food. I'm sure all of you out there can relate with your own pets.

Mollie died in February of 2006. We had just a 16th birthday party for her. She got tons of emails and calls from her friends. She got any and all food she wanted that day - 2 McDonalds cheeseburgers, Chinese food, cakes, and cookies. She left her body peacefully, surrounded by my other pets and her closest friends.


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